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Result ordering and grouping

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Result ordering and grouping


Currently the Clusterpoint Server has folowing mechanisms of ordering documents in the result set:

  • By numeric value of one or more tags.
  • By relevance, which is calculated when performing a search. This mechanism ensures that documents which better correspond to a search request are returned to the result set first. This mechanism supports customizations. See Relevance ranking for details.
  • By distance - using GPS coordinates (plane and GPS). See Geospatial ordering for details.
  • By string. See Alphabetic Ordering for details.


If a document element has been defined as a group identificator in the Database policy, it is possible to set the maximum number of documents in a search result that are returned from one group.
It's usefull when you need to return just few items from each group in resultset. More about grouping - Group tutorial.

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